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Ramana Maharshi on World War II

Ramana Maharshi, the sage of Arunachala, seldom commented on world events but  in a conversation in 1938 with Mercedes de Acosta, a screenwriter from Hollywood, he accurately predicted the outbreak of World War II. This conversation is recorded in de Costa’s book Here lies the Heart.

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All thoughts come from outside

Some selections from the works of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother describing the nature of the thought process.


  • All thoughts come from the Universal Mind.
  • Our mind is not an instrument but an organizer of knowledge.
  • We accept a certain range of ideas based on our affinity.
  • What we call our self is just an amalgam of thoughts that have been trapped and keep circulating. (“I like this; I hate that; I am this kind of a person”)
  • We may receive and express the same thought-idea differently due to variations in the individual mental consciousness.
  • Inspiration slips in when the mind falls silent – not when the mind is making effort as is commonly believed.

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