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Modalities of the Initiation process (Diksha)

In an era suffering from an overabundance of Gurus and Avatars, it  has become difficult to distinguish the real from the fake, especially when these Gurus are surrounded by a retinue of adoring, immature minions who tend to conflate coincidences with miracles and fervent imagination with spiritual experiences.  Whose story should we believe?   Various ancient Hindu scriptures speak of the different methods by which a Guru may  initiate a disciple, and these signs can provide a test for discernment.  We briefly cover the modalities of this initiation process (called Diksha in Sanskrit) with a few examples from some modern-day seers. Continue reading

Physical marks appearing after injuries sustained in dreams

The worlds that we sojourn into during our dreams are as real as the physical world and nothing substantiates this fact better than the bone-chilling reports of physical body marks found on people who reported of being attacked in their dreams.   These incidents may be isolated but they were independently reported and therefore seem credible and worth  scrutinizing.

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The origin of the Sapta Chatusthaya

This article presents presumably decisive proof of the origin of the Sapta Chatusthaya and maybe of interest more to longtime Aurobindonians than others.  The Sapta Chatusthaya (Seven Quartets) is a program for inner yogic development that Sri Aurobindo received through his spiritual visions sometime in the 1908-1912 period.  However, the exact origin of this program has been regarded as uncertain because Sri Aurobindo’s early spiritual realizations occurred during a turbulent period of his life when he was actively involved in India’s freedom struggle against the British rule, in the course of which he had to undergo a year’s imprisonment and was subsequently actively pursued and watched by British spies for several years.

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Cases of reincarnation between Hindus and Muslims

In this article, we present some fascinating cases of people being reborn into a different religion which were investigated by Dr Antonia Mills, currently Professor at the University of Northern British Columbia.  When evidence of this kind surfaces, it can spur introspection into the validity of varying religious practices that people fastidiously observe because we are abruptly confronted with the fact that behind those holy foods and holy clothes and prayer rituals, we are indeed innately the same – all orphans of the One Divine; that our religious beliefs are just condensed thought-forms affirmed consistently in the  mind, which, if relinquished, might obliviously open us to the nature of the Ultimate Reality.

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Does population growth invalidate reincarnation?

People who are acquainted with the theory of reincarnation are apt to look at the  increasing lifespan and the rising population on Earth and wonder if the population growth invalidates the theory of reincarnation.  We all know where babies come from but where are all the new souls which inhabit these bodies coming from?  In this article, we address this demand-supply problem.

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Are Indians more spiritual?

The short answer to the question “Are Indians more spiritual” is “no, certainly not“.  If you look at the hoi polloi, they can be as materialistic as people in other countries – spending their leisure hours shopping in malls and merrily wining and dining their way through life.  But the long answer is a little more complicated since it requires some occult perception of the cultural and subconscious atmosphere which pervades in every country.   In this article, we present some observations by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother Mirra Alfassa on the East-West differences as regards the spiritual pursuit.  Do bear in mind that these observations are not eternal truths. These remarks were uttered at a certain point in time and come with an expiration date, because conditions in various countries can change over time.

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