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Emma Calvé’s interaction with Swami Vivekananda

Emma Calvé (1858 – 1942) was a well-known French female opera soprano of the Belle Époque.   These are the recollections of her interaction with  Swami Vivekananda(1863-1902).  This article first appeared as Chapter XXII of her autobiography “My Life“, and has also appeared in the Nov 1922 issue of the Prabuddha Bharata(Awakened India) magazine.

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Birthmarks due to reincarnation

Noted reincarnation researcher, Dr Ian Stevenson(1918-2007), identified several cases of children whose birthmarks or birth defects seemed to coincide with the death wounds of the person they claimed to be in their previous incarnation.  We shall discuss some cases here along with a possible explanation for the birthmarks in light of the insights of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

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Religious, mechanical and psychological methods of self-realization

The Mother Mirra Alfassa offers a taxonomy of the various methods of self-realization that have been developed.  This article has been synthesized from three of her recorded talks.

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Brain imaging can reveal the movies in our mind

Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley have managed to reverse-engineer the motion-processing which goes on within the brain’s visual cortex.  They recorded the brain activity of volunteers watching videos and then used that recorded data to approximately reconstruct the videos they had been viewing.

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The first meeting of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother Mirra Alfassa

About midway down the Coromandel coast of southeastern India stands the quaint little port-town of Pondicherry, which was a French colony from 1673 to 1954.  It was here on a nondescript afternoon in March, 1914 that the spiritual collaboration between Sri Aurobindo and the Mother Mirra Alfassa began.   This is an account of that memorable meeting along with some related anecdotes.

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Somnambulists who do creative work in their sleep

36 year-old Lee Hadwin of North Wales, Britain has neither the talent nor training to be an artist.  His day job is a nurse.  But he wakes up in the middle of the night and creates fantastical works of art, of which he has no recollection in the morning.   He began drawing in his sleep in childhood and these drawings  became more detailed by the time he was sixteen.  Today, his work is displayed in art galleries! The Edinburgh Sleep Clinic has described his case as unique.

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