Ways of navigating this blog

Given the 300+ pages which now comprise this blog, I thought it may be a good idea to summarize the myriad ways in which you can navigate this blog.

In case you want to read the bio of Sri Aurobindo :see here and here

And bio of  the Mother Mirra Alfassa:see here and here

1. Aggregated blog posts

A large number of articles have been indexed on the following pages:

For instance, under Transformation, you will find links to articles such as “Why spiritual experiences do not repeat? and “Explaining the Ascent-Descent in Integral Yoga”

And under Techniques, you can find links to various articles on sexuality, psychic being, sleep, jnana yoga, karma yoga, etc.

2. Blog Posts by Timeline

If you are on the home page and keep scrolling towards the bottom of the page, all the blog posts which have been posted since day one will be displayed slowly, one by one in reverse chronological order.  WordPress calls this feature infinite scrolling.

Alternately, you can click through the section on the right side-bar entitled “Archive of Past Articles” to view articles posted by month.

3. Blog Posts by Categories

On the right side-bar, you will find a section entitled “Articles by category” (replicated below).  By clicking on any of these links, you can access all the posts in that category.

4. Blog Posts by Tags

On the right side-bar, you will find a section called “Article Tags” ( replicated below).  If you click on any of these tags, you will find all the blog posts which have referenced that concept.

anandamayi-ma arthur-avalon bhagavad-gita bible buddhism castaneda chitta consciousness destiny evolution hinduism holy-books india integral-psychology integral-yoga intuition jesus kapali-sastry Karma kundalini mahatma-gandhi meditation Mirra Alfassa Nagin Doshi patanjali Pondicherry Puducherry Ramana Maharshi Record of Yoga reincarnation religion sadhana savitri sex sri-ramakrishna Sri Aurobindo supermind Swami Vivekananda tantra the-life-divine The Mother Upanishads Vedas yoga-practice yogis

5. Reference pages

Besides blog posts, the WordPress platform provides something knows as “static pages”.  These are webpages which exist outside the blog’s chronological timeline.  On the right side-bar, you will see a section entitled “Reference pages“, which displays pages on Cosmology, Constitution of man, (Spiritual)Transformation, Techniques and Books  and various sub-topics beneath them.

How to subscribe to the blog

There are three ways :

  1. by entering your email address in the box shown on the side.
  2. by inserting the RSS Posts feed shown on the sidebar (https://auromere.wordpress.com/feed/) into your google reader feed (http://www.google.com/reader)
  3. using Feedburner as shown in the right sidebar

How to track comments

Insert the RSS comments feed shown on the sidebar (https://auromere.wordpress.com/comments/feed/) into your google reader feed (http://www.google.com/reader)

Read the original works!

Finally, the purpose of the blog is to introduce you to the sublime wisdom present in the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, which cannot be captured entirely by any secondary work, including this blog.  So read the original works whenever you can. It will take time to “grok“* their teachings, but it is worth the effort.   In case you didn’t know, their works are available online.

For more on books, see the “books” page.

* “Grok” means to understand so thoroughly that the observer becomes a part of the observed—to merge, blend, intermarry, lose identity in group experience.  – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grok

Photo: Mel Silvers. Flickr Creative Commons. Click image for source

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