Conversations with Sri Aurobindo recorded by Anilbaran Roy

The Overman Foundation has published the entire set of conversations with Sri Aurobindo that were recorded by Anilbaran Roy.  These talks cover a wide spectrum of issues (symbols, occultism, karma, politics) and were originally published in the Sri Aurobindo Circle from 1977 to 1994.

In case you haven’t already done so, please head over to the Overman Foundation blog to read these conversations which were published in four separate posts.

Conversations with Sri Aurobindo recorded by Anilbaran Roy, Part 1

Conversations with Sri Aurobindo recorded by Anilbaran Roy, Part 2

Conversations with Sri Aurobindo recorded by Anilbaran Roy, Part 3

Conversations with Sri Aurobindo recorded by Anilbaran Roy, Part 4



20 thoughts on “Conversations with Sri Aurobindo recorded by Anilbaran Roy

  1. Kai

    In the vedic system of life, much emphasis was laid on Pithru Tharpanam, the ritual of giving Pindas to the ancestors. Even today Pundits advise us not to stop this ritual and has to be carried out dutifully, and most of the suffering is the failure to do so.
    However in the Interview SA regards this practice as superstition and that is confusing.Does it mean that the ritual do not have any beneficial effects on those who were on the other side.

    1. Sandeep Post author

      Which of the four links above contains that discussion?
      Could you provide the exact text since I might have skipped reading that portion.

  2. Kai

    That was in part 2

    //Disciple: What is the value of the shrāddha ceremony and offering on pindodak?

    Sri Aurobindo: That is a very old superstition.

    Disciple: Arjuna refers to gupta pindodak kriyā.

    Sri Aurobindo: Yes, but that is nothing but a social superstition.

    Disciple: Cannot persons in the other world be helped by men living in this world?

    Sri Aurobindo: Cannot persons in this world be helped by others to pass from one stage to another?

    Disciple: Yes.

    Sri Aurobindo: Similarly, persons in the other world can be helped in their passage to the place of rest. But I am sure that help cannot be given by pindas.

    Disciple: How can that help be given?

    Sri Aurobindo: By the power of tapasya you can create a force which may help the departed.//

    1. Sandeep Post author

      I recall reading in a few of the 108 Upanishads (can’t remember which) about rituals in which departed ancestors have to be offered rice-balls. It made no sense to me why rice-balls would satiate the souls of the dead. It seems that the Pandits you speak of are merely following the customs passed down over the centuries. None of them has any “occult vision” to determine if those ceremonies are actually having any effect. That is probably why Sri Aurobindo labels the ceremony a social superstition.

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  5. mike

    There are things in Anilbaran’s talks with SA that l hadn’t realised till today, and these conversation were in 1926 lol.
    Like the Supramental creating a cell of 44 beings.

    “Mother spoke of four creations. First, there was the creation of free beings, but they met with certain oppositions and obstacles which could not be overcome. Then there was the second creation, the creation of the Gods — even in this creation all the obstacles could not be overcome. Then there was the third creation — the creation of the earth, so that the attempt at conquest may be made in a limited sphere and then extended to the whole universe. V belonged to this third creation and was created along with the creation of the earth. The fourth creation is now going to happen. It will begin with the creation of a new cell consisting of 44, forty-four beings; the Supramental will come down and create this cell.”

    And, that there are 5 gradations of the PHYSICAL BODY – this is completely new to me. SA obviously isn’t talking about the Subtle Physical as far as l can see. This must be the Mother’s Supramental Body of Light that MP.Pandit and G.Van Wrekham speak about – the one that She apparently walked into when leaving her old physical body and which was seen at the ashram by MP.Pandit’s friend.. lt sounds like the Supramental Physical [and the Ananda physical – whatever that is??] already exists in everyone according to what SA says below.. l think He means the Higher Bodies have to be created, just as Mother supposedly created Her’s.. IDK..

    “Disciple: Is the human body sevenfold?

    Sri Aurobindo: At least there are five gradations of the physical body and three of them can be easily known — e.g. the material physical, the vital physical, the mental physical; but the supramental physical and the Ananda physical are very difficult to know.”

    1. 1adt1

      where in the above links did you find the section beginning with “Mother spoke of four creations”? I did not find it.

  6. mike

    it’s actually in:
    ‘Anilbaran Roy’s Diary Notes and Conversations with the Mother’


  7. mike

    The Mother is giving a flower to anilbaran:

    “Mother: This is “Ananda in the sex-centre.” It is not yet realized. It requires a lot of preparation.”

    l’ve never heard of that before. l suppose the ‘Ananda’ has to replace the ordinary, limited sex-pleasure at the Muladhara Centre [if that’s what The Mother is referring to].


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