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On being truthful in speech

As children, many of us are told to speak the truth as we see it but as we grow up, we realize that the forthright manner of asserting the truth can have undesirable consequences, as it may impede some higher ideals that need to be upheld or perhaps because there are conflicting ideals which may call for exercising discretion.  In the spiritual path, one gradually becomes conscious that behind the objective affectation of truth stands a Higher Truth which needs to be understood and manifested in speech.

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Self-control over speech

During meditation, our consciousness gains contact with the Superconscient realms and becomes filled with calmness and power.  This power acquired through meditation must be retained as much as possible in order to successfully transform our consciousness.  The power dissipates into the external world if we engage in fruitless conversation.   Therefore, economy of speech is a sine qua non for success on the spiritual path.   These are some  observations on the talking habit distilled from the advice that Sri Aurobindo gave to his disciples (see Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga – III: Transformation of the Physical – IX).

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