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Why are artists irregular in their conduct?

Artists who create ethereal works that require stupendous effort and imagination can often to be irregular in private life.  Such contradictions stem from a trifurcation in the human personality between the ethical, aesthetic and logical aspects.   Those who are mature in one aspect may be partially developed in the other two aspects.  Legal scholars may have  a strong ethical personality but lack any aesthetic abilities.  Artists can have an intensely refined aesthetic sense but may be undeveloped ethically or logically.  Scientists who possess acute logical clarity can be emotionally frigid.   In the couple of dialogues given below, the Mother Mirra Alfassa expatiates on the irregularities seen in the lives of great personalities.

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The occult forces behind artistic movements

In the history of various countries, one often finds a core group of artists born about the same time who went on to create a cultural movement which ennobled civilization as a whole.  Some examples of this trend would be the European Renaissance, the Carolingian Renaissance, the Bengal Renaissance, the Harlem Renaissance, the Celtic Revival and many other literary and art movements.   Is there an occult explanation for such collective movements?

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