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Handling Rejection by the Guru

Growing up in a social milieu, we develop into gregarious beings who are accustomed to being praised, respected or at least acknowledged for being an individual. Humiliation in any form comes as a sharp blow to the ego.  When our expectations are not met, we instinctively become resentful and hold grudges instead of handling the situation with dispassion.  What do you do if the Guru, the very person you expected to be an epitome of  boundless compassion, suddenly turns cold and hard?  It can be a particularly acute  test for the disciple as the two anecdotes here illustrate.

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Signs of spiritual aptitude

When the third eye is awakened in a Yogi, he/she is able to visualize the subtle face of a person which offers precise indications on the character of that particular individual. It is the soul that builds the face. To the awakened Master, certain physical features can be singular indicators of our past incarnations. The examples here illustrate how  Sri Aurobindo, the Mother Mirra Alfassa and Ramakrishna Paramahansa could determine the physiognomy of individuals.

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