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The teachings of Paracelsus

Theophrastus Paracelsus(1493-1541) was a remarkable physician, alchemist and occultist of the Renaissance era who left behind 106 books filled with highly original insights on a wide range of esoteric subjects such as astrology, healing plants and minerals, occult anatomy, sleep and dreams, elemental beings, etc.   Frantz Hartmann, who wrote the book “Paracelsus: Life and Teachings“, remarks that many of his divinations, then unknown in the West, were quite compatible with the teachings of Eastern mysticism.  The Theosophists speculate that he had interactions with Eastern mystics in the course of travels during his early youth.  Paracelsus himself stated that he derived his insights from the “Book of Nature” (i.e. intuition and observation).  He is said to have received the Philosopher’s Stone (an allegorical expression for wisdom) from an adept named Solomon Trismosinus.  His disciples testify that he dictated his works without the aid of memoranda or manuscripts.  Nominally a Catholic, he held an independent interpretation of the Bible.  An inventory of goods taken after his death revealed nothing other than a Bible, a Biblical concordance and a book of Medicine. [1]

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