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Sufi anecdotes from Fariduddin Attar’s book Tajkerat al-Awliya

Shaikh Fariduddin Attar (1145-1221 C.E.) was a mystic Sufi poet of Iran.  Born in Nishapur, he was initiated into the Sufi lore by Sheikh Mujd-ud-din  of Baghdad.  When he was about forty-five years old, he “saw” the future greatness of a teenage boy Jalaluddin Rumi  who had come to meet him.  He blessed Rumi and presented him with a copy of his work, the Pandnama.  Attar was executed by a soldier after Genghis Khan invaded Persia.  During his lifetime, he wrote over 114 books on Sufism, the most reputed of which is the Tajkerat al-Awliya (Memoirs of the Saints of Iran, Egypt and  Arabia) which documents the lives of about one hundred and forty-two Sufi saints of his era. Selections from this book were translated by Bankey Behari into English.   These are a few noteworthy excerpts from Behari’s book (page numbers follow in parentheses)

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