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Comparing Roger Penrose and Sri Aurobindo on the Mind

In the last chapter of his book “The Emperor’s New Mind”, Roger Penrose draws on his scientific career to offer insights into the spontaneous, aesthetic and non-algorithmic nature of mathematical insight, the non-verbal thought process of the scientist, and other topics related to what he calls the “physics of the mind”.  Many of his remarks chime quite well with corresponding observations made by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother on the nature of the thought process, as we see in this article.

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A case of Yogic Illness

Someone wrote to me regarding his experience of worsening health due to the practice of Integral Yoga.  He had read Satprem’s “Adventures of Consciousness” about 15 years ago and started practicing immediately.  In the beginning, it was slow walking meditation where he would attempt to suspend his thought process while keeping attention on surrounding objects.  Later, he imagined himself becoming one with his surroundings and offering it to the Divine.

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Why spiritual experiences do not repeat?

The spiritual path often seems like a walk through the arid desert.   Intermittently, one may encounter an oasis of water in the form of a  replenishing soul moment, but the rest of the time one has to trudge through the scorching heat of the hardships of daily life.   It is in this context that the Vedic Rishis spoke of the spiritual seeker being like a Divine child who is suckled by two Mothers – Dawn and Night.  In such situations, one may wonder why spiritual experiences never seem to repeat; why can’t one recapture that stirring rapture one had experienced before? The Mother Mirra Alfassa provided some striking and sagacious answers to such often perplexing questions.

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Identifying the celestial quality in music

One sometimes chances upon those seemingly divine pieces of music which seem to mystically inundate the heart and transport the soul into a reverie.  It is as if their vibrations were suffused with some enchanting je ne sais quoi.   This can happen even if the song happens to be sung in some alien language.  The reason this exaltation occurs, according to the Mother Mirra Alfassa, is that there are certain universal associations of sounds which, when present in any devotional music, can magically open the doorway to the soul.

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The occult spirits which influence our actions

The universe is larger than the physical world as explained in the section on Cosmology.  There are many occult worlds peopled by conscious beings which exert an influence on earth and man.  There is some element of truth in the fairy tales of yore which talk of elfins, genii, fairies and Titans.  The majority of men are ignorant puppets in the hands of these forces and it only when the Yogin has progressed to a stage where his/her subliminal consciousness has opened to a greater cosmic consciousness that he/she begins to directly perceive the influence of these occult forces.   One may find oneself  succumbing to sudden depressions, violent outbursts and other dreadful thought formations which are the handiwork of these beings of various occult worlds.    This post covers the characteristics of some of these nefarious activities against which one must guard.

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