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Disciple : What happens when the human consciousness is replaced by the Divine Consciousness?

Sri Aurobindo : One feels perpetual calm, perpetual strength, – one is aware of Infinity, lives not only in Infinity but in Eternity. One feels the immortality and does not care about the death of the body, and one has the consciousness of the One in all. Everything becomes the manifestation of the Brahman. For instance, as I look around the room I see everything as the Brahman – it is not thinking, it is a concrete experience, – even the wall, the book is Brahman. I see you not as X. but as a divine being in the Divine. It is a wonderful experience.

[A. B. Purani, Evening Talks with Sri Aurobindo]

In my view, a man’s value does not depend on what he learns, or his position or fame, or what he does, but on what he is and inwardly becomes.

-Sri Aurobindo

Ordinarily, the human consciousness is shut in the body like a bottle filled with muddy water.  With the practice of Yoga, subtle centers (Chakras) within the body become activated.   The passage at the top of the head known as Brahmarandhara opens bringing access to the Superconscient realms.   The powers which are awakened by these movements of consciousness cause changes in the human consciousness.    During these changes, one may see various symbols and have Visions, Experiences and Realizations.   The action of the higher planes upon the body consciousness occurs due to the Ascent and Descent experiences.

The three Gunas(modes of Nature) which constitute the consciousness become purified and change into their divine equivalents:

  • sattva(purity) becomes jyoti, the authentic spiritual light;
  • rajas(kineticism) becomes tapas, the tranquilly intense divine force;
  • tamas(inertia) becomes sama, the divine quiet, rest, peace.

The end result is the psychic transformation, spiritual transformation and perhaps even the supramental transformation.  All three are described at Triple transformation.

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7 thoughts on “Transformation

  1. Sandeep Post author

    The satirical newspaper “The Onion” offers a comical take on journey of self-discovery.

    Journey Of Self-Discovery Leads Man To Realization He Doesn’t Care

    FLAGSTAFF, AZ—Three months after setting off down a long spiritual path to find himself, 38-year-old Corey Larson arrived at the conclusion Tuesday that he does not care. “I spent many long hours meditating, studying the works of great thinkers and spiritual leaders, and delving deep within myself for some kind of answer, and then it hit me: I couldn’t care less,” Larson said of his soul-searching journey. Larson briefly considered writing a self-help book to make the journey easier for others, but decided that he also didn’t give two shits about whether other people arrived at the same conclusion he did.,19100/

  2. ipi

    Accepting life, he [the seeker of the integral yoga] has to bear not only his own burden, but a great part of the world’s burden too along with it, as a continuation of his own sufficiently heavy load. Therefore his Yoga has much more the nature of a battle than others’; but this is not only an individual battle, it is a collective war waged over a considerable country. He has not only to conquer in himself the forces of egoistic falsehood and disorder, but to conquer them as representatives of the same adverse and inexhaustible forces in the world. Their representative character gives them a much more obstinate capacity of resistance, an almost endless right to recurrence. Often he finds that even after he has won persistently his own personal battle, he has still to win it over and over again in a seemingly interminable war, because his inner existence has already been so much enlarged that not only it contains his own being with its well-defined needs and experiences, but is in solidarity with the being of others, because in himself he contains the universe.381

    source: Satprem The Adventure of Consciousness

  3. mike

    ” Often he finds that even after he has won persistently his own personal battle, he has still to win it over and over again in a seemingly interminable war, because his inner existence has already been so much enlarged that not only it contains his own being with its well-defined needs and experiences, but is in solidarity with the being of others, because in himself he contains the universe.381″

    Yes, it is a constant battle, at least in my experience. Perhaps, l don’t have the right Psychic attitude. l do know that the other day l had a battle with something very dark, l managed to conquer [possibly transform it] with the Divine Love – it just dispersed it so easily. At least, l believe it was the Divine Love. l could see it as a purple Light. lt took a lot of strength on my part.
    Now l realise Divine Love can change anything.

    l think ‘corey larson’ has probably lost his aspiration – if the Psychic push isn’t there behind, l think we get those moments. l’m not sure if he has the right attitude, but it sounds like he just burnt himself out. lt also goes to show how difficult it can be with the aid of a Guru [doesn’t sound like he had a teacher]. He could also have achieved Detachment, l suppose.
    l’ve had a lot of times when l wanted to give up, but perseverance is a great help in Yoga.

    1. Sandeep Post author

      > l think ‘corey larson’ has probably lost his aspiration

      LOL. Corey Larson is a fictional individual. The story is from the satirical Onion newspaper.

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  5. mwb6119


    We want an integral transformation, the transformation of the body and all its activities. But
    there is an absolutely indispensable first step that must be accomplished before anything else can be undertaken: the transformation of the consciousness. The starting-point is of course the
    aspiration for this transformation and the will to realise it; without that nothing can be done. But
    if in addition to the aspiration there is an inner opening, a kind of receptivity, then one can enter
    into this transformed consciousness at a single stroke and maintain oneself there. This change of consciousness is abrupt, so to say; when it occurs, it occurs all of a sudden, although the
    preparation for it may have been long and slow. I am not speaking here of a mere change in
    mental outlook, but of a change in the consciousness itself. It is a complete and absolute change, a revolution in the basic poise; the movement is like turning a ball inside out. To the transformed consciousness everything appears not only new and different, but almost the reverse of what it seemed to the ordinary consciousness. In the ordinary consciousness you advance slowly, by successive experiences, from ignorance to a very distant and often doubtful knowledge. In the transformed consciousness your starting-point is knowledge and you proceed from knowledge to knowledge. However, this is a beginning; for the outer consciousness, the various planes and parts of the outer active being are transformed slowly and gradually as a result of the inner transformation.
    There is a partial change of consciousness which makes you lose all interest in things that you
    once found desirable; but it is a change of consciousness and not what we call the transformation. For the transformation is fundamental and absolute; it is not merely a change, but a reversal of consciousness: the being turns inside out, as it were, and takes a completely different position. In this reversed consciousness the being stands
    Page – 80
    above life and things and deals with them from there; it is at the centre of everything and directs
    its action outwards from there. Whereas in the ordinary consciousness the being stands outside
    and below: from outside it strives to reach the centre; from below, crushed by the weight of its
    own ignorance and blindness, it struggles desperately to rise above them. The ordinary
    consciousness is ignorant of what things are in reality; it sees their shell. But the true
    consciousness is at the centre, at the heart of reality and has the direct vision of the origin of all
    movements. Seated within and above, it knows the source, the cause and effect of all things and forces. I repeat, this reversal is sudden. Something opens within you and all at once you find yourself in a new world. The change may not be final and definitive to begin with; it sometimes requires time to settle permanently and become your normal nature. But once the change has taken place, it is there, in principle, once and for all; and then what is needed is to express it gradually in the details of practical life. The first manifestation of the transformed consciousness always seems to be abrupt. You do not feel that you are changing slowly and gradually from one state into another; you feel that you are suddenly awakened or newly born. No effort of the mind can lead you to this state, for with the mind you cannot imagine what it is and no mental description can be adequate.
    Such is the starting-point of all integral transformation.
    Bulletin, August 1950
    Page – 81

    *found here: Works Of The Mother > English > CWMCE > On Education Volume 12 > Transformation


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