Five signs of a soul turned to inner wisdom

The “Essays on the Gita” is a commentary by Sri Aurobindo on the Bhagavad Gita.  There are many hidden nuggets and fresh interpretations presented by Sri Aurobindo in this commentary.   In the following passage, Sri Aurobindo elucidates on the five signs of a soul who has definitely commenced on the inner journey.  The following passage refers to Chapter 13 of the Bhagavad Gita.

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Sri Aurobindo : The Gita then tells us what is the spiritual knowledge or rather it tells us what are the conditions of knowledge, the marks, the signs of the man whose soul is turned towards the inner wisdom.   These signs are the recognised and traditional characteristics of the sage,—his strong turning away of the heart from attachment to outward and worldly things, his inward and brooding spirit, his steady mind and calm equality, the settled fixity of his thought and will upon the greatest inmost truths, upon the things that are real and eternal.

First, there comes a certain moral condition, a sattwic government of the natural being. There is fixed in him a total absence of worldly pride and arrogance, a candid soul, a tolerant, long-suffering and benignant heart, purity of mind and body, tranquil firmness and steadfastness, self-control and a masterful government of the lower nature and the heart’s worship given to the Teacher, whether to the divine Teacher within or to the human Master in whom the divine Wisdom is embodied,—for that is the sense of the reverence given to the Guru.

Then there is a nobler and freer attitude towards the outward world, an attitude of perfect detachment and equality, a firm removal of the natural being’s attraction to the objects of the senses and a radical freedom from the claims of that constant clamorous ego-sense, ego-idea, ego-motive which tyrannises over the normal man.

There is no longer any clinging to the attachment and absorption of family and home.

There is instead of these vital and animal movements an unattached will and sense and intelligence, a keen perception of the defective nature of the ordinary life of physical man with its aimless and painful subjection to birth and death and disease and age, a constant equalness to all pleasant or unpleasant happenings,—for the soul is seated within and impervious to the shocks of external events,—and a meditative mind turned towards solitude and away from the vain noise of crowds and the assemblies of men.

Finally, there is a strong turn within towards the things that really matter, a philosophic perception of the true sense and large principles of existence, a tranquil continuity of inner spiritual knowledge and light, the Yoga of an unswerving devotion, love of God, the heart’s deep and constant adoration of the universal and eternal Presence.

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6 thoughts on “Five signs of a soul turned to inner wisdom

  1. premaraghavan

    Thanks Sandeep I enjoyed reading your post By Divine grace , I am progressing on the spiritual path. I paid a heavy price by intense pain which purified my inner being. I function as His instrument and name, fame and money do not cross my path as He does miracles in my life. It has come in the form of songs which heal people.I am blessed as it is a gift of grace for me


    Thank you Sandeep. I had skipped and failed to be in touch your blog for a long time (Of course, stayed on the pat, but did not move far! too many distractions , old age.), Now happy to read this post of yours. (I think this is also due to a call and intervention). Didn’t The Mother write on Faith , “Seek Him not; Await Him”!


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