Physical marks appearing after injuries sustained in dreams

The worlds that we sojourn into during our dreams are as real as the physical world and nothing substantiates this fact better than the bone-chilling reports of physical body marks found on people who reported of being attacked in their dreams.   These incidents may be isolated but they were independently reported and therefore seem credible and worth  scrutinizing.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

(Shakespeare in Hamlet)

Edward Kelly and his co-authors in their book Irreducible Mind refer to a couple of incidents[1].   The first story was reported in the nineteenth century in the book Influence of the Mind on the Body written by an English physician, Daniel Hack Tuke.  It  concerns a man who dreamed that he had been hit on the chest by a stone and woke up to find a bruise on his chest.   Here is the account from Tuke’s book:

In the Bibliotheque choisie de Medecine, by Planque, tome vi. p. 103, is the following case: A man, thirty years of age, healthy and robust, saw in a dream a Pole with a stone in his hand, which he threw at his breast. The vivid shock awoke him, and then he found that there was on his chest (dans le même endroit) a round mark, having the appearance of a bruise. Next day there was so much swelling, etc., that a surgeon was requested to see it, who, fearing a slough, scarified the part, and relieved it.  The wound healed in a short time. Without more definite information, it would not be safe to build a theory upon this case, but looking at the previous one of the spectre, and others equally well authenticated, there appears no reason to doubt that the dream and the inflammatory action of the skin stood in the relation of cause and effect. [2]

Ian Stevenson reported the second case of an Indian man, Durga Jatav, who, while seriously ill with typhoid fever, had a vivid dream in which he thought he had died and discovered that his legs had been cut off by some people in the “other realm”.  After recovering, he was found to have scars on his knees which persisted for many years.  These scars were photographed by Stevenson and appear in his book.  (See [3]).   This is the bizarre account of that man:

Durga Jatav, a man approximately 50 years old, was interviewed in November, 1979, and again 3 months later. About 30 years before, he had been ill for several weeks, suffering from what had been diagnosed as typhoid. When his body “became cold” for a couple of hours, his family thought he had died. He revived, however, and on the third day following this he told his family he had been taken to another place by 10 people. He had tried to escape, but they had then cut off his legs at the knees to prevent his escape. He was taken to a place where there were tables and chairs and 40 or 50 people sitting. He recognized no one. They looked at his “papers,” saw that his name was not on their list, and said, “Why have you brought him here? Take him back.” To this Durga had replied, “How can I go back? I don’t have feet.” He was then shown several pairs of legs, he recognized his own, and they were somehow reattached. He was then sent back with the instructions not to “stretch” (bend?) his knees so that they could mend. (Durga’s older sister, who was also interviewed, corroborated his account of his apparent death and revival.)

Durga’s sister and a neighbor noticed a few days after he revived that marks had appeared on his knees; there had previously been no such marks there. These folds, or deep fissures, in the skin on the front of Durga’s knees were still visible in 1979.  There was no bleeding or pain in the knees other than the discomfort engendered by Durga’s following the “instructions” to keep his knees in a fixed position. X-ray photographs that we had taken in 1981 showed no abnormality below the surface of the skin. Durga had not heard of such experiences before his own near-death experience. He did not see his physical body from some other position in space. He said that afterward the experience seemed like a dream; nevertheless, he claimed that it had strengthened his faith in God.

One informant for this case (the headman of the village where Durga lived) said that at the time of Durga’s experience another person by the same name had died in Agra (about 30 km away); however, neither Durga nor his older sister were able to confirm this statement. [4]

Durga Jatav’s disquieting story of after-death processing in which someone looked at his papers and concluded that they had brought the wrong man seems bizarre, but it bears some resemblance to the “spirits of death” outlined by the Mother Mirra Alfassa in talk given on 1st July 1953:

“Question: It is said that there is a god of Death. Is it true?

Mother Mirra Alfassa: Yes, I call it the spirit of Death. I know it very well. And that is an extraordinary organisation. You do not know to what an extent it is organised.

I believe there are many of these spirits of death, I believe there are hundreds. I have met at least two of them. One I met in France and the other in Japan, and they were very different; which leads one to believe that probably in accordance with the mental culture, the education, the country and beliefs there should be different spirits. But there are spirits of all the manifestations of Nature: there are spirits of fire, spirits of air, of water, of rain, of wind; and there are spirits of death.

Each spirit of death, whatever it may be, has a claim to a certain number of deaths per day. Indeed it is a fantastic organisation; it is a kind of alliance between the vital forces and the forces of Nature. For example, if the spirit of death has decided: “That is the number of people to which I am entitled”, let us say four or five or six, or one or two persons, it depends on the day; it has decided that certain persons would die, it goes straight and settles down beside the person about to die. But if you happen to be conscious (not the person), if you see the spirit going to a person and you do not want him to die, then you can, if you possess a certain occult power, tell it: “No, I forbid you to take him.” It is a thing that has happened, not once but several times, in Japan and here. It was not the same spirit. That is what makes me say that there must be many.

– I don’t want him to die.
– But I have a right to one death!
– Go and find someone who is ready to die.

So I have seen several cases: sometimes it is just a neighbour who dies suddenly in place of the other, sometimes it is an acquaintance and sometimes it is an enemy. Naturally, there is a relation, good or bad, of neighbourhood (or anything else) which externally looks like chance. But it is the spirit who has taken its dead. The spirit has a claim to one death, it will have one death. You can tell it: “I forbid you to take this one”, and have the power of sending it away, and the spirit can do nothing but go away; but it does not give up its due and goes elsewhere. There is another death.”[5]

The third story comes from the Aurobindo Ashram and was reported by Amal Kiran (K.D. Sethna), a disciple of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.  His wife Sehra woke up after a nightmare and was found to have sustained injuries which seemed related to her dream.   This is the account as given by Amal Kiran:

The time was a little after 2 a.m. on 19 December 1978. I happened to be awake in bed. In the bed across the room Sehra started moaning very piteously. I thought she was doing so in sleep, as on some occasions she had done during a nightmare. As she went on moaning, I spoke loudly to her and then got up and touched her so as to rouse her from sleep.

She answered: “Someone has attacked me with a stick and beaten me on my head,” I said: “It’s only a bad dream. Don’t worry.” But she complained of severe pain in the head and shouted to our servant Lakshmi who was sleeping in the next room. I said: “There is no need to wake her. Tell me what you want.” She went on shouting for Lakshmi.  I called out also and Lakshmi came in.

Before this I had switched on the light. When Lakshmi came, I pulled back from Sehra’s head the counterpane which had been over it. The sight before our eyes was horrible. Above the upper ridge of the left eye there was a huge ugly lump and a swelling along the bone between the eye and the ear. In the middle of the lump was a point where the skin seemed slightly abrased: it was a reddish spot as if the stroke of the stick had especially fallen there.

What we saw was unbelievable. How could a beating received on the head in a dream have such a strong physical effect? I have read accounts in journals of occultism in which people getting hurt in dreams showed visible marks. The Mother  (Mirra Alfassa) also has in one place spoken of the body showing signs of mishaps experienced in a dream. But never had I witnessed such a consequence and never could I have imagined that so concrete and severe an injury to the body might appear as the result of a nightmare.

If I had not been absolutely sure that Sehra had not got up and fallen somewhere, I would not have believed a nightmare had hurt her so grievously. But here was no room for doubt. She had not got up at all after she had been to the bathroom just before retiring at about 10.30 p.m. on the night of the 18th. Besides, if she had fallen in the bathroom or on the way to it or back from it she-would have cried out from that place and not from under her counterpane in bed. I could at once have known — and so would Lakshmi or her daughter who early that night had been sleepless and later asserted that she had not heard Sehra go to the bathroom any time after 10.30 or so. Again, our bathroom door creaks very loudly whenever opened or closed and is likely to wake up anyone who is not too heavy a sleeper. It is quite certain from my own evidence as well as from that of others that the terrible hurt was received during a nightmare.

…While drinking her coffee, she recalled that she had started dreaming of going to meet the Mother(Mirra Alfassa). Before she could proceed she was crossed by some being and dealt a blow with a stick. The blow was aimed at her head and meant to break it. Somehow it was diverted to the area of the left eye and it landed on the temple above it.

The enormous swelling subsided just a little during the day by getting spread along the temple, but the entire part round the eye became a deep blackish red and the skin below the eye was puffed up. (It took Sehra nearly seven weeks to get back to normal.)

The whole event proves how dangerously one can be attacked by a hostile force in one’s sleep. One must always call the Mother’s protection and be on guard even in a dream. People have got up with pain in some parts of the body — e.g. the abdomen — after a nightmare. I was myself once attacked during one of my out-of-the-body rambles several years ago and the sensation was as if the spine had been smashed. But there was no physical injury left. Sri Aurobindo in Savitri has written of how a spiritual worker in the subtle world.

Assaults of Hell endured and Titan strokes

And bore the fierce inner wounds that are slow to heal.

But I think that in the Ashram’s history the case I have reported is the first in which a misadventure in the dream-state got translated so substantially in the body.

I may end by striking a spiritually optimistic note. When I had an occasion to relate the incident to Huta (an Ashram resident), she suddenly lighted upon an implication I had not guessed. I had seen only the frightful possibility of hostile blows having more and more gross-physical consequences.  I had not let my mind appraise all round the critical point at which the workings behind the scene might have arrived. But she exclaimed: “What has happened shows that the Divine Force also can now have a direct effect upon the body. If the dark powers have this new possibility, the inner Light and the higher Consciousness can just as well emerge into the body with concrete changes in it if we are truly receptive!” [6]

Human beings have subtle sheaths which interpenetrate the physical body, all of which are composed of the same stuff of “consciousness” but with varying density.  During  dreams, the subtle body detaches from the physical body and sojourns into the occult worlds.   The incidents reported above illustrate that blows hurled by occult entities at the subtle body can be transmitted onto the physical body.

It is a mistake to think that we live physically only, with the outer mind and life. We are all the time living and acting on other planes of consciousness, meeting others there and acting upon them, and what we do and feel and think there, the forces we gather, the results we prepare have an incalculable importance and effect, unknown to us, upon our outer life. Not all of it comes through, and what comes through takes another form in the physical – though sometimes there is an exact correspondence; but this little is at the basis of our outward existence.  All that we become and do and bear in the physical life is prepared behind the veil within us.[7]

(Sri Aurobindo)


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39 thoughts on “Physical marks appearing after injuries sustained in dreams

  1. ipsa

    (from Champaklal‘s book Champaklal Speaks , p 261)


    Following a complaint by Roger (Roger Anger, the French architect who was invited by the Mother to draw up the plan of Auroville) that the house rented by him on the sea-shore, next to the Selva Park, was haunted. Mother asked me and Amrita to go to that house and perform the orthodox ritual usually done in these situations. She told me that formerly she used to send Purani on such missions but now she wanted me to do it and Amrita would accompany me.

    I knew that Mother was using me as an instrument and it was with that faith that we went to the house. I carried some water left in the bathtub after Mother had taken her bath; I also took a vessel with a good quantity of burning charcoal. Once inside the house, I added lots of frankincense, sandalwood powder, etc. to the burning embers and filled all the rooms with its smoke. At the same time I sprinkled that bath-water in every corner of the house to the accompaniment of the chanting of the Vedic mantra. After doing this upstairs I came down and was going through the same ceremony in the passage on the ground-floor. All of a sudden I beheld two figures – vague, indistinct, whitish – walking out of the door. On returning, I gave an account of all that happened to the Mother. She said it was interesting, and asked: “Did Amrita also see them?”

    C: “No, he did not.”

    Next day I learnt that a couple had committed suicide in that house and ever since it had been a haunted place. Needless to say there has been no trouble since then to anyone living there.

  2. Ashley

    I keep having this dream where this guy is always there and we will notice each other but thats about it The last dream I had that he was in he told me not to worry that he will always be there when I needed him. Then last nights dream he had actually really interacted with me and I had to help him with send a message. during the process of us sending the message someone attacked us from behind. During the whole dream we were acting as if we were trying to keep people from knowing our secrete of being able to send these messages. In the dream I kept getting headaches and everytime I got one I would see a message (all I remember about the message is that it had something to do with a name with mostly x’s) At the end of the dream I was attacked in the back which woke me. I felt as if my back was on fire when I went into the bathroom I saw a huge scratch across my back… I then proceeded to have my son take a pic of my back. What is going on???

    1. Sandeep Post author


      At the end of the dream I was attacked in the back which woke me. I felt as if my back was on fire when I went into the bathroom I saw a huge scratch across my back… I then proceeded to have my son take a pic of my back. What is going on???

      Sounds like you had a terrible nightmare. In our sleep, we can encounter malevolent spirits who wish to hurt or possess us.

      I am not capable of offering specific advice, but there are a few things which may help:
      1) Before sleeping, instead of watching TV or listening to loud thumping music, start listening to some serene music or Mantra chants, and read uplifting spiritual books.
      2) Pray to your cherished prophet or deity for protection before going to sleep.
      3) Take up practice of Yoga, if you don’t do so already. This will improve your consciousness during sleep and keep you away from malevolent occult beings. See Yoga Nidra

      Hope your dreams become more peaceful.

      1. jess

        i am having dreams like this to where i get attacked but when i wake up i an sweating crying and really hot i fine it hard to breath and cant move either over the few days i havent slept very much because of it and i am getting really scared i have a bruise on my arm and a scratch down my chest and my hand and this morning i woke up with claw marks on my legs someone please help me i don’t know what to do!

      2. Sandeep Post author

        Sounds terrible Jess, but I am sorry I can’t offer much by way of a solution other than the methods I suggested to the other people who commented on this article.

        These attacks can only be warded off by becoming more conscious and more spiritual. You should look for a spiritual group in your area where you can engage in chanting, devotional singing and deep breathing (pranayama).

  3. Elo

    Since I was 5 years old i have had frequent episodes of sleep paralysis, these episodes are usually followed up by VERY lucid dreams. This may sound silly, but im not joking in any way, they are usually reoccurring zombie nightmares. I am always attacked in these dreams, and I always wake up with a mark where i have been attacked.
    One example, I was rushing onto a bus to escape some children in the refuge camp we were in, the children had become infected and were zombie like. Not the slow decaying zombie like you see in movies, fast, realistic humans who were rabid. One of the children grabbed my leg as i was running onto the bus and i kicked at it, needless to say it scratched my leg. When i woke up I had a very long scratch running down the entire length of my calf, and it was bleeding profusely.
    Last night I had another episode of sleep paralyisis, my fiance was there with me, i called to him for help and he told me to tell them to stop it, i dont know who he was talking about. Then he was jerked off the bed, and i awoke. A few hours later I braved trying to sleep again and went into a lucid Zombie dream.
    I was a man in this dream, and another man who was turning grabbed my arm just before i killed him. I have a huge bruise on the inside of my upper arm in the shape of fingers and nail digs…This terrifies me, i dont know what to do about them. However, finding this website, at least lets me know I am not alone.

    1. Sandeep Post author

      Elo:..frequent episodes of sleep paralysis

      I have posted the occult reason for sleep paralysis in a previous post How can we “see” in our dreams when our eyes are closed?. Here it is again:

      Question: Sometimes when one is asleep, he knows that he is asleep but he can’t open his eyes. Why?

      Answer: This happens when one has gone out of his body…. Sometimes the eyes are a little open and one can also see things….And one can’t move! It means that only a fragment of the consciousness has come back… you must not shake yourself, because you risk losing a bit of yourself. You must remain quite still and concentrate slowly, slowly on your body…]

      Elo: This terrifies me, i dont know what to do about them. However, finding this website, at least lets me know I am not alone.

      Pray to the Divine – in whatever form you prefer. Take up the practice of meditation, chanting, etc.
      Hope your dreams get better!

      1. Bryan

        When i woke up this morning i had this strange scar on my cheek i also had a dream about being a werewolf and getting cut by a hunters knife on the cheek because i tried to eat him but just before i ate him he got me on the cheek.then i passed out and woke up in a place that there had creations that looked like they used to be human.i say it was a ufo.but then i woke up again in my room with 3 dots that made a triangle it was weird

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  5. Sandeep Post author

    In relation to this post, there is a letter to a disciple in which Sri Aurobindo alludes to the fact that pressure on the subtle body can be felt by the physical body itself. The original question in response to which this passage was written is currently unavailable.

    As to the dream, it was not a dream but an experience of the inner being in a conscious dream state, svapna-samādhi. The numbness and the feeling of being about to lose consciousness are always due to the pressure or descent of a Force to which the body is not accustomed, but feels strongly. Here it was not the physical body that was being directly pressed, but the subtle body, suksma sarira, in which the inner being more intimately dwells and in which it goes out in sleep or trance or in the moment of death. But the physical body in these vivid experiences feels as if it was itself that was having the experience; the numbness was the effect in it of the pressure. The pressure on the whole body would mean a pressure on the whole inner consciousness, perhaps for some modification or change which would make it more ready for knowledge or experience; the third or fourth rib would indicate a region which belongs to the vital nature, the domain of the life-force, some pressure for a change there.

    From “On Himself”, dated 28-9-1936, page 496
    Same passage appears in “Letters on Yoga”, SABCL, Experiences of the Inner and the Cosmic, p 1018

  6. Georgina Tooley

    For several years now I have had ongoing dreams about being part of a special forces team. I ought to add that this is not the only thing I dream about, I am an active dreamer, 4/5 dreams a night, however on nights that I dream of the team that’s all I dream about. When I dream about the team and something goes wrong and I get injured in the dream I awake with a corresponding injury on my body, bruising, cuts, nose bleeds, etc. I have experienced both working life and recreational time with the team, including black ops, weddings, christening, beach parties, etc. The most recent injury occurred when dreamed I was shot in the chest, thankfully I was wearing a kevlar vest and the bullet did not penetrate it, Interestingly enough the injury didn’t finish the dream, after being shot I was badly winded but after a couple of minutes I was able to continue my duties. However when I woke I had a 2 1/2 inch circular bruise on the right side of my chest.

    Having done a little research it seems normal enough to happen to people once or twice, but this happens to me once or twice a month or sometimes more. I have watched kids grow up, families die. In short I feel like I have been a full part of the lives of the team and the person I am. Has anyone else had any experience like this or know anyone that has?

    1. Sandeep Post author

      Georgina: Has anyone else had any experience like this or know anyone that has?

      If you have strong admiration for the Special Forces and also play violent computer games, then that can cause some bruises to appear. In order to determine if the bruises are actually caused by interaction on the occult planes, one would first have to discount the hypothesis that they are caused merely by the power of the mind over the body. For that, one must gradually cleanse the subconscious by relinquishing involvement in violent computer games and releasing all emotional attachment to the Special Forces.

      You may want to read the chapter on “Psychophysiological Influence” in the book Irreducible Mind. It discusses various cases where intense emotional identification with someone can produce a physiological reaction. Among them are those who have experienced stigmata corresponding to the crucifixion wounds of Christ.

  7. Georgina Tooley

    Hi Sandeep, thanks for your reply and the chapter made for a good read. I do not play many computer games and the only ones I do play are puzzle games, bejewelled, jewel quest and things like citiville on facebook. While I respect the armed forces I have had very little to do with them, I watch very little television, I enjoy reading and do read a large amount of fact and fiction around the supernatural. I am relatively active and spend alot of time with my numerous pets, friends and my daughter. I am by nature a passive person, I meditate, cleanse and ground myself twice daily (and occasionally more when situations are stressful). I do believe that the mind can have a very strong effect on the body and as a single mum have found that stress and deep relaxation can both cause their problems. The last dream caused bruising but at other times I have had wounds, both shallow and deep, nosebleeds, concussions (despite putting padding around my bed) with large bumps on my head. Some of the time the marks appear where I cannot reach and at others where I can, as I sleep alone its becoming quite baffling. I hope you can give me another explanation as I am beginning to question my sanity.

    1. Sandeep Post author

      Georgina: I hope you can give me another explanation as I am beginning to question my sanity.

      Thanks for offering further details. The general explanation for such phenomena is rooted in the fact that we have subtle sheaths in our body through which we interact with human and other-worldly beings.

      In your case, it could be any of the following:
      (a) strong emotional identification with Special Forces causing stigmata-like wounds.
      (b) replay of past-life memories of your own. You yourself could have been a soldier.
      (c) a dead soldier who was recently killed, and now seeks to continue his life through your body.
      (d) occult beings who want to thrust you into their own games.

      I must state that I am not qualified to offer a diagnosis – certainly not over the Internet. Apart from the suggestions I already gave in the comments above (Mantra, meditation, devotional singing), I don’t have much to offer by way of relief. You may want to ask around for a psychologist/healer who works with the energy body to help you overcome this nightmare.

      Your predicament reminds me of the lines from Shakespeare: “As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods, They kill us for their sport.(King Lear)

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  14. Sandeep Post author

    In the article above, Amal Kiran says “The Mother (Mirra Alfassa) also has in one place spoken of the body showing signs of mishaps experienced in a dream.”

    I found the place where she related her experience in this matter:

    Question: If in the dream someone kills you it doesn’t matter, for it is just a dream!

    Mother: I beg your pardon! Usually, the next day you are ill, or may be a little later. That’s a warning. I know someone whose eye was thus hurt in a dream, and who really lost his eye a few days later. As for me, once I happened to dream getting blows on my face. Well, when I woke up the next morning, I had a red mark in the same place, on the forehead and the cheek….Inevitably, a wound received in the vital being is translated in the physical body.

    Question: But how does it happen? There must be some intermediary?

    Mother: It was in the vital that I was beaten. It is from within that this comes. Nothing, nobody touched anything from outside. If you receive a blow in the vital, the body suffers the consequence. More than half of our illnesses are the result of blows of this kind, and this happens much more often than one believes. Only, men are not conscious of their vital, and as they are not conscious they don’t know that fifty per cent of their illnesses are the result of what happens in the vital: shocks, accidents, fighting, illwill…. Externally this is translated by an illness. If one knows how it reacts on the physical, one goes to its source and can cure oneself in a few hours.

    (Collected Works of the Mother, vol. 5, pp 26-27, 29 April 1953)

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  17. Sandeep

    The Mother describes another such incident

    People wrongly interpret things. A woman had a dream. She was climbing a hill and had other experiences. Lastly there was a slide, a big stone fell upon her and she woke up with a feeling of suffocation. It was found that a bit of the ceiling had fallen upon her — a very small thing. It was explained by the psycho-analysts that this was the origin of the whole dream. It is not so. Things happen in other worlds before they happen here —sometimes they occur simultaneously; only the manifestation is a little different. The woman had gone to another world, had experiences which she interpreted as sliding of the stone. These happenings had a result in this world comparatively very small, viz. the falling of a bit of the ceiling.

  18. mike

    Yes, the Mother has mentioned the ‘eye’ business with madame Theon a few times, in her occult battles.

    l know from personal experience that an attack in a dream can have results here. l was walking home in a dream through a local park and this little dog appeared and bit me on the lower back. A bit later, in real life, l was walking through this park and at the exact same spot [as in the dream] l coughed and put my back out. The pain was in the exact spot the dream dog had bitten me. l could hardly walk and couldn’t get out of bed for a day. lt lasted a few days and l still can’t lift heavy objects. lt’s gone now, thank God, but it was proof that such things do happen.

    Also, l know that SA and M will protect us when out of the body. lt’s not so easy to remember to call Them in dreams but we can learn to do it. l had an OBE one night and immediately called SA and M using a mantra [OM JAI GURU SRI AUROBINDO MOTHER] and a huge image SA’s face [just he face] appeared instantaneously by my side and also one of the older disciples was in front of me [didn’t recognise him but l know it was one of the disciples]. So, they WILL be there if we call.

  19. danielle

    I had a dream last year i was slashed across the bum cheek with a knife and when i woke up my bottoms were wet so i took a look an i had a slash across my bum cheek.. the wetness was blood. happened again where a cat scratched my back and i woke up to nasty scratches on my back. doctors didn’t believe me and it still happens to this day!!

  20. mike

    lnteresting Danielle, are you sure you don’t have a poltergeist living with you. lol.
    Have you lived in your house long??

    l’ve heard of alien abductees waking up with marks on them, and l’ve seen videos of ppl who have been scratched by poltergeists etc.. [also when awake, l believe]….

  21. Al

    [Durga Jatav’s disquieting story of after-death processing in which someone looked at his papers and concluded that they had brought the wrong man seems bizarre, but it bears some resemblance to the “spirits of death” outlined by the Mother Mirra Alfassa in talk given on 1st July 1953:]

    This story is not surprising in the least. There is an Astral Police. They will confiscate subtle bodies according to their deeds, take them sometimes to hell-like concentration/death camps for punishment. Some people postpone this punishment hiding in the psyche of a close relative, a son, a daughter, and re-incarnate from there. They will get it next time, as material nature in inexorable.

    I once visited in the astral a hell for heroine addicts. People permanently hooked up to these huge opium plants. It wasn’t pretty.

    To whatever dream conditions you are inclined before death, there you will show up. Thus, it is critical to investigate this properly, and, if possible, to try to clean up the act before time is up; otherwise, the only choice is to be courageous and face the music. Perhaps one will learn the lesson this time around?

    As the great son of Vasudeva and Devaki once said to Arjuna:

    यं यं वापि स्मरन्भावं
    त्यजत्यन्ते कलेवरम् ।
    तं तमेवैति कौन्तेय
    सदा तद्भावभावितः ॥८.६॥
    yaṁ yaṁ vāpi smaranbhāvaṁ
    tyajatyante kalevaram
    taṁ tamevaiti kaunteya
    sadā tadbhāvabhāvitaḥ (8.6)
    yaṁ yam – whatever; vāpi = va — or + api — also; moreover; smaran — recalling; bhāvam — texture of existence; tyajaty = tyajati — abandons; ante — in the end; kalevaram – the body; taṁtam – that that; evaiti = eva – indeed + eti — is projected; kaunteya – O son of Kuntī; sadā – always; tad — that + bhāva — status of life + bhāvitaḥ — being transformed
    “Moreover, whatever texture of existence is recalled when a person abandons his body in the end, to that same type of life, he is projected, O son of Kuntī, always being transformed into that status of life.” (8.6)

    Of course some people will say that the Gita (as part of the 5th Veda) is old, does not apply may be nowadays, scriptures are never totally accurate, so on and so forth. Not content with that वासुदेवाय further instructed Uddhava in Canto 11 of Srimad Bhagavatam in a similar fashion:

    yady adharma-rataḥ sańgād
    asatāḿ vājitendriyaḥ
    kāmātmā kṛpaṇo lubdhaḥ
    straiṇo bhūta-vihiḿsakaḥ

    Or if due to wicked company, he is addicted to irresponsible acts, if he does not control his sensual energy and is lusty by nature, miserly, greedy and is a womanizer, or one who causes injury to other creatures (11.10.27)

    paśūn avidhinālabhya
    preta-bhūta-gaṇān yajan
    narakān avaśo jantur
    gatvā yāty ulbaṇaḿ tamaḥ

    “…if without scriptural sanction, he kills animals and worship ghosts and spirits, he goes helplessly to hellish dimensions, and enters mental darkness.” (11.10.28)

    Notice the Sanskrit word Narakān, this is, according to Mahdvacharya of Dvaita, the worst of hells.

  22. Hennessey

    So my grandma had a dream that she was with her grandparents and aunts. Well in her dream she wanted to help her aunt up (and in real life if she didn’t want to DO something she would pinch her underneath her arm) but her aunt didn’t want to get up so she pinched her underneath her underarm. My grandma instantly woke up and felt a slite pain under her arm and she looked in the mirror and there was a mark there which looked like fingernails pinched the underarm of her skin which the underarm is pretty sensitive so there was a slite bruise + some blood. I don’t know how to explain it, it could’ve been a mistake but this kinda stuff has been happening to all of us lately. I would really like some more explanations.

  23. mike

    lt’s possible your grandmother was actually pinching herself in sleep and her mind [or subconscious] created a dream scenario around this. A lot of physical activities during sleep can be translated into dreams this way. However, the fact that your whole family is experiencing this phenomena makes self-injury seem unlikely. lt doesn’t sound like psychic attack [but without further information, it’s uncertain]. Anyway, the people involved should ask Sri Aurobindo and the Mother for Protection on going to sleep..

  24. mike

    l should add that your grandmother might also have ‘pinched’ herself physicaly at the same time she was dreaming of pinching your aunt – we do a lot of weird things in sleep. lt’s still strange why your all experiencing similar things, though..

  25. Unknown

    For some time now I have been searching for an post that deals with what I go through. I have always bee a dreamer. My first dream I can remember: Jesus was returning and the moon was huge and red. The earth was on firer and people is running around scared. Some more happen but after that I start feeling forces around me as I sleep or see black figures. When I dream now I can bump into something, get hit in my dream or do anything active I wake up with a bruise or is extra tired. I pray before I go to sleep and I sleep with my tv on but on a very low volume. I have reoccurring dreams from when I was little. I have dreamed of people death or people hurt or a person family member that has passed away and want me to rely a message. Most of my dreams has happen and some of the convos has come out to be truthful. I don’t know if this is normal but it scares me.

  26. Carl

    I am hoping someone can help me with this. Some terrible things happened to me when I was young. I have always had some extremely vivid dreams or nightmares about some incidents. Recently I have had some dreams where a creature or maybe an extraterrestrial being is pulling me away from a dark place, it’s hands though have extensions like a jellyfish would. When it grabs me I feel an extreme burning sensation. It seems to be trying to help me but when it grabs me it hurts. When I awake from this dream I have long red, raised, wavey marks on the areas this being grabbed me. It still burns when I touch them or have warm water on them in the shower. They last about 24hours and then slowly fade. I have had 3 of these dreams in the past 2 weeks. They are very similar. What is happening to me??? Please someone enlighten me.

    1. Sandeep Post author

      Sorry, cannot help much. Its hard to diagnose such stuff over the Internet or even in person.

      All I can offer is generic advice – practice Yoga, change the lifestyle to be more spiritual (avoid drugs, alcohol, watching horror movies). Hopefully, as the outer life calms down, the attacks from such beings will reduce.

  27. Nick

    well my friend i wont say her name is getting cuts after a weird dream with a cat hurting her she doesn’t know what to do she has had a few times and she said that if the scars were real she thought that me and her friend were dead please respond as quick as you can


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