Monthly Archives: March 2009

Four Powers of Intuition

Many of us have at times felt those influences and inspirations which express themselves through us as scientific breakthroughs, poetic verses, stirring musical compositions or great works of art. According to Sri Aurobindo, these moments of inspiration are actually the secret workings of the four powers called Revelation, Inspiration, Intuition and Discrimination. These powers can be consciously cultivated through the practice of Integral Yoga. This post describes these four powers.

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Spiritual Ego

The spiritual ego (or magnified ego) develops when one gets excited by powerful spiritual experiences and begins to take pride in one’s success at Yoga. Here are some excerpts from Sri Aurobindo & The Mother on this matter:

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Vidyas in the Upanishads

The Upanishads, besides delineating various spiritual experiences, also give a few hints on sadhana, i.e., paths of spiritual realization. These methods of sadhana are called vidyas. This post outlines this in brief.

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Sharing spiritual experiences with others

Spiritual experiences provide us with a path to the realization of a higher consciousness within us.   Discussing such experiences freely in public is not advised because the power that one has gained through the experience dissipates.  These are the remarks of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother on this matter:

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