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Birthmarks due to reincarnation

Noted reincarnation researcher, Dr Ian Stevenson(1918-2007), identified several cases of children whose birthmarks or birth defects seemed to coincide with the death wounds of the person they claimed to be in their previous incarnation.  We shall discuss some cases here along with a possible explanation for the birthmarks in light of the insights of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

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Physical marks appearing after injuries sustained in dreams

The worlds that we sojourn into during our dreams are as real as the physical world and nothing substantiates this fact better than the bone-chilling reports of physical body marks found on people who reported of being attacked in their dreams.   These incidents may be isolated but they were independently reported and therefore seem credible and worth  scrutinizing.

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Does population growth invalidate reincarnation?

People who are acquainted with the theory of reincarnation are apt to look at the  increasing lifespan and the rising population on Earth and wonder if the population growth invalidates the theory of reincarnation.  We all know where babies come from but where are all the new souls which inhabit these bodies coming from?  In this article, we address this demand-supply problem.

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