Messages are also exchanged on the subtle planes

Every letter that is sent to someone, whether by email or by surface mail, is also an exchange of forces on the inner planes, which can be detected by someone who has become conscious of his inner being (i.e. astral body).

In this passage, Sri Aurobindo explains the phenomenon to a disciple whose consciousness had developed to sense this possibility.

As for not having it always, it is because there are parts of the being that are still unconscious or perhaps states of unconsciousness come. For instance, people write letters to each other, but they are quite unconscious that they are exchanging forces in doing so. You have become conscious of it, because of the development of your inner consciousness by yoga – and yet there are likely to be times when you still write from the external awareness only, and then you will see the words only without being aware of what is behind. So, owing to the development of the inner consciousness, you are able to understand what contacts are and get the true contact, but at times the external consciousness may be stronger than the inner one, then you are no longer (for the time being) able to get the contact.

Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga – II: Experiences of the Inner and the Cosmic Consciousness – I


This is an example from the life of Mother Mirra Alfassa.  She  sensed that a letter from Indira Gandhi (India’s third Prime Minister) was coming before she received it.

And all night long (or a good part of it in any case), Indira Gandhi’s thought was here, clinging to me (Indira Gandhi is Nehru’s daughter), and the jewelry was sent to her.[[Mother sent a special messenger to Delhi with a symbolic gift of 925 grams of gold (some from her own jewelry), as a contribution to national defense. ]] It was handed over to Nehru, who passed it on to Indira.[[ Indira Gandhi will come to power four years later, in January 1966. ]] And she wrote me a letter I received yesterday – a very (Mother searches for the proper word) … a very amicable letter; a letter from someone who has understood that this gift was an important element – not on a worldwide level (!), but because it was important that people know I have made a gesture of collaboration. But it didn’t end there. The letter came yesterday; generally, of course, when I see a letter coming, I see it BEFORE receiving it; but here it was SHE, she herself, thinking [of Mother], thinking, thinking, thinking over and over again. (With Nehru, it’s always very blurred: he doesn’t have sufficient mental power for his position, he lacks the required strength of mind, so it’s always hazy; when you tune in to him, that’s the impression you get – blurred gesture – not solid.) But with her, it kept coming and coming and coming. They must be feeling … or beginning to feel that something other than what they have is required.

The Mother, Mother’s Agenda: November 20, 1962

Mother Mirra Alfassa meeting with Indira Gandhi, India’s third Prime Minister

10 thoughts on “Messages are also exchanged on the subtle planes

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  2. Sandeep

    These are a couple of more examples of people receiving the “intent” of a letter before getting the actual letter in their hand:

    Jyotipriya(Dr Judith Tyberg) (1902-1980) was a disciple of Sri Aurobindo & the Mother who founded the Los Angeles center.

    Along with Arabinda Basu’s letter of introduction, Jyotipriya sent a letter to Sri Aurobindo describing her lifelong quest for Truth, and requesting permission for His darshan. Then, after two days, a strange thing happened — Jyotipriya began to smell jasmine flowers everywhere she went, though there were none anywhere to be seen. And even more curious, the fragrance would grow more intense whenever Arabinda Basu would speak about Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. With her logic at a fail, Jyoti at last cycled over to ask Basu if there could be some possible explanation for such a curious phenomenon. His reply: “You’ve contacted Sri Aurobindo, haven’t you? Well, now he has contacted you. Soon you’ll be receiving a letter.” And in the correspondence that did soon follow, Jyotipriya was informed that she was welcome to visit the Ashram at any time.


    Arabinda Basu (1917-2012) also had a similar experience:

    He (Arabinda Basu) was undergoing a period of inner crisis at that time so he had written to Dilip Kumar Roy asking him whether Sri Aurobindo could help him to dispel the darkness around him. Dilip Kumar Roy asked him to write to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and, if possible, send a small photograph of his along with the letter. Accordingly, Arabinda Basu typed a letter to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and sent it to Pondicherry. Some days later, an envelope arrived. When he touched it, he could feel something happening to him. When he opened the envelope he found there was a letter written by Dilip Kumar Roy to the Mother about him and the Mother had written some comments on the margin and sent a Blessings Packet. This was his first contact with Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and the Ashram at Pondicherry.


    1. amsha

      Once when I saw book on Ramakrishna I felt smell of a sandal incense, it wasn’t physical smell. Didn’t knew then what is indian incense. And there was such wonderfull feeling of mystery with it.

      1. Sandeep Post author


        From the Letters on Yoga : “The perfumes you felt were true perfumes but not of the physical world. This body of flesh and blood is not the whole of ourselves; there is unseen by the eyes a subtle body also and one becomes aware of it when the inner consciousness opens. It was from deep within there that the perfumes came, perfumes of purity, of love and surrender (rose) etc. It is there deep within that the psychic being dwells and it is there that you are trying to go when the inward-going impulse or pressure comes; it was why you felt more and more peaceful, because you were going deeper and deeper into the psychic from which these perfumes came.”

        Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga – III: The Triple Transformation: Psychic – Spiritual – Supramental – I

  3. mike

    l seem to get messages in all shapes from the inner planes – mostly in dreams. l will dream of talking with a friend in a dream and see him either the next day or pretty soon after. Sometimes l will see them in exactly the same place physically where l saw them in the dream.
    l believe these messages extend to a wider national and international arena too.
    l had a very vivid dream some years ago when Margaret Thatcher was prime minister in the UK. A dead friend appeared in the dream and took me to the ‘House of Commons’ [Parliament building in London]. The place was empty but l could clearly see Sri Aurobindo sitiing, just in front of me, and on one side of the house. He was looking straight ahead. He didn’t look at me and l awoke at that moment.
    Shortly after this dream the UK had a General Election and the opposing party [led by tony blair] got into power with a Landslide. Call it coincidence if you like, but l was convinced l’d been given this message by SA [God knows why] and l’m sure He had put Blair in for His own Supreme reasons.

    1. Sandeep Post author

      Well, Blair also turned out to be fallible. His involvement in Iraq led to election losses and his eventual downfall. Recently, he said, “You begin when you’re least capable and most popular; And you end when you’re least popular and most capable!”.

  4. mike

    Yes, sandeep, ‘fallible’ at the ordinary level that we percieve – your referring to the aftermath [after he was used, he was thrown away]. Personally, l feel blair was possibly USED to start the lraq war and remove S.Hussein and he certainly didn’t fail in that – whether we agree with that war or not. Perhaps, SA saw hussein as a major threat – the removal of Thatcher might have been useful too. How can we know what SA had in mind [if He did put blair in power that is]. l did have a few other realistic dreams about this war after blair got in. l know these might just be dreams, but they seemed very significant at the time. l even met S.Hussein in one, just before the war. This was in some kind of classroom and l stood up as he passed me, shook his hand [God knows why] and said to him – ‘l’ll say goodbye now’. Outside the classroom there were 4 generals discussing war tactics [as far as l could tell].
    After the war finished, l had a dream where l saw Mother and what looked like an army of ppl surrounding a War Memorial in my home town. There is no reason l should imagine these things and they were quite strange dreams for me.
    Even the name BLAIR has the word ‘LIAR’ in it as an anagram. Like most political pyschopaths he was just a puppet, like all his kind, and inevitably they will fall. Even Churchill [whom the Master used in WW11 was cast aside by the people after the war].
    Of course, my interpretation could be totally wrong. lol.

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