The Grace is at work everywhere

Have you ever lamented – if only I had an easier job, a more spacious home, sagacious parents, compatible spouse, trustworthy friends, etc., I would be able to devote more effort to living spiritually and might even progress faster.  Driven by this desire for space and ease, we disdainfully ignore the challenges before us and withdraw to a spiritual retreat where we hope to live a life more attuned with the Divine.  In these couple of passages, the Mother points out that living in an Ashram may not always be helpful because we need difficulties in order to become conscious.

At the beginning of my present earthly existence I came into contact with many people who said that they had a great inner aspiration, an urge towards something deeper and truer, but that they were tied down, subjected, slaves to that brutal necessity of earning their living, and that this weighed them down so much, took up so much of their time and energy that they could not engage in any other activity, inner or outer. I heard this very often, I saw many poor people―I don’t mean poor from the monetary point of view, but poor because they felt imprisoned in a material necessity, narrow and deadening.

I was very young at that time, and I always used to tell myself that if ever I could do it, I would try to create a little world―oh! quite a small one, but still… a small world where people would be able to live without having to be preoccupied with food and lodging and clothing and the imperative necessities of life, so as to see whether all the energies freed by this certainty of a secure material living would turn spontaneously towards the divine life and the inner realisation.

Well, towards the middle of my life―at least, what is usually the middle of a human life―the means were given to me and I could realise this, that is, create such conditions of life. And I have come to this conclusion, that it is not this necessity which hinders people from consecrating themselves to an inner realisation, but that it is a dullness, a tamas, a lack of aspiration, a miserable laxity, an I-don’t-care attitude, and that those who face even the hardest conditions of life are sometimes the ones who react most and have the intensest aspiration.

That’s all. I am waiting for the contrary to be proved to me.

I would very much like to see the contrary but I haven’t yet seen it. As there are many energies which are not utilised, since this terrible compulsion of having something to eat or a roof to sleep under or clothes on one’s back does not exist―as one is sure of all that―there is a whole mass of energies which are not utilised for that; well, they are spent in idle stupidities. And of these, the foolishness which seems to me the most disastrous is to keep one’s tongue going: chatter, chatter, chatter. I haven’t known a place where they chatter more than here, and say everything they should not say, busy themselves with things they should not be concerned with. And I know it is merely an overflow of unused energy.

The Mother, Questions and Answers (1956): 30 May 1956

In another passage, she elucidates that the Grace is at work everywhere.   One can live anywhere and progress spiritually.

I have already told you this several times. When you are in a particular set of circumstances and certain events take place, these events often oppose your desire or what seems best to you, and often you happen to regret this and say to yourself, “Ah! how good it would have been if it were otherwise, if it had been like this or like that”, for little things and big things…. Then years pass by, events are unfolded; you progress, become more conscious, understand better, and when you look back, you notice―first with astonishment, then later with a smile―that those very circumstances which seemed to you quite disastrous or unfavourable, were exactly the best thing that could have happened to you to make you progress as you should have. And if you are the least bit wise you tell yourself, “Truly, the divine Grace is infinite.”

So, when this sort of thing has happened to you a number of times, you begin to understand that in spite of the blindness of man and deceptive appearances, the Grace is at work everywhere, so that at every moment it is the best possible thing that happens in the state the world is in at that moment. It is because our vision is limited or even because we are blinded by our own preferences that we cannot discern that things are like this.

But when one begins to see it, one enters upon a state of wonder which nothing can describe. For behind the appearances one perceives this Grace―infinite, wonderful, all-powerful―which knows all, organises all, arranges all, and leads us, whether we like it or not, whether we know it or not, towards the supreme goal, that is, union with the Divine, the awareness of the Godhead and union with Him.

Then one lives in the Action and Presence of the Grace a life full of joy, of wonder, with the feeling of a marvellous strength, and at the same time with a trust so calm, so complete, that nothing can shake it any longer.

The Mother, Questions and Answers (1956): 8 August 1956

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24 thoughts on “The Grace is at work everywhere

    1. Sandeep Post author

      I would love to post more often but I have been really squeezed for time. I also take solace from the Mother’s remarks above that I can do something without joining an Ashram 🙂

      Future posts won’t be weekly but maybe once or twice a month.

  1. Pat Hadden

    Yes. I missed your posts too, Sandeep. Always, always I think, “Now, what can I do in gratitude for the gift of your blog?. PatH.

  2. mike


    “She has not passed away, She has just changed her body. Not changed in the manner of the Gita — soul changing bodies — consciously ; keeping the full personality she has gone into that body. And, as it was revealed to me.…, she will function in that body, work through those instruments who are open to her , expedite the remaining work — the working out of the consequences — but her activity will not be confined to the Ashram or to Auroville; for her the whole world is her Ashram. As I was led to put it on radio the next day, “The sea of Love that is the Mother swells into an ocean”: not a perception, not an idea, not an image, but an experience.”

  3. Mona

    Thanks Mother, Thanks Sandeep to remind us of the truth. It has also been my experience, though during that time i felt ground, crushed like the sesame seeds and wasn’t really sure for how long i will be able to endure such a “training”!
    Later on, one realizes that these are proofs of the love, the care and the faith of The Divine in us, it is not a “crushing” but a preparation.

    1. mani

      I am reminded of Khalil Gibran’s poem on Love(
      ……For even as love crowns you so shall he crucify you.
      Even as he is for your growth so is he for your pruning.
      Even as he ascends to your height and caresses your tenderest branches that quiver in the sun,
      So shall he descend to your roots and shake them in their clinging to the earth.
      Like sheaves of corn he gathers you unto himself.
      He threshes you to make you naked.
      He sifts you to free you from your husks.
      He grinds you to whiteness.
      He kneads you until you are pliant;
      And then he assigns you to his sacred fire, that you may become sacred bread for God’s sacred feast.

      Thank you Sandeep! I too felt that since I have never visited the Ashram but then The Mother is everywhere.

  4. mike

    l’ve only ever visited the ashram once in my life, but that didn’t stop me getting a Spiritual Opening and many experiences [long before l went to the ashram as well]…
    SA once said that certain sadhaks couldn’t reside at the ashram because their problems woud make it worse for the others living there.
    These days after the Supramentak Descent l don’t think it’s necessary, anyway [l mean, satprem and sujata completed their sadhana away from the ashram, didn’t they].. And the Yoga has to be taken into the world at large IMO. lf it can’t be done or perfected amidst all the chaos in the outside/ordinary world what use is it.

    Also, l believe SA and Mother’s Power is behind this blog, from some experiences l’ve had – could be wrong but don’t think so…

  5. mike

    Also, with reference to those outside the ashram the Mother said below when She had the Supramental Ship experience, that, even back then, there were only ‘some’ who were from the ashram, but also others who are not from the ashram, who are ‘ln training’ for the Supramental Realisation or destined for the ‘Supramental Life’..

    “I was on a huge ship, which was a symbolic representation of the place where the work is going on. This ship, as large as a city, is fully organised, and it had certainly already been functioning for some time, for its organisation was complete. It is the place where the people are trained who are destined for the supramental life. These people, or at least part of their being, had already undergone a supramental transformation, for the ship itself and everything on board was neither material, subtle-physical, vital or mental: [everything consisted of] a supramental substance. This substance was of the most material supramental, the supramental substance nearest to the physical world, the first to manifest. The light was a mixture of gold and red, forming a uniform substance of a luminous orange. Everything was like that.”

    “As for the people I saw on board the ship, I recognised them all. Some were from here, from the Ashram, OTHERS WERE FROM ELSEWHERE [my emphasis], but I know them too. I saw everybody, but as I knew that I would not remember them all when coming back, I decided not to mention any names…”

  6. SJ

    hi! Are you still checking this? I am currently following the guidelines of a spiritual organisation, the link to their website is :
    They have made a reference to Sri Aurobindo (scroll down to article 5.4 of this link : ) which got me researching online and after months I happened to have stumbled onto your blog. This organisation has a facility of “ask a question” for any spiritual queries on their website (usually within 48 hours you receive a reply). I did not get satisfactory answers to a couple of questions that I had asked.
    After reading your blog, I think I have more clarity on certain matters. I was wondering cause I have a lot of queries, rather a lot of things I would like to discuss…. quite frankly I don’t even know where and how to begin!

    1. Sandeep Post author

      Yeah, shoot! 🙂
      My email address is on the right sidebar in case you dont wish to post the question here

      1. Gaurav

        How to know which Work/Job/Profession would be good for a person so that he can make spiritual progress and become mother’s instrument?

      2. Sandeep Post author

        The Bhagavad Gita answered that question when it said “better to follow one’s Swadharma, however imperfect, than to follow that of another”.

        Psychological attitude is more important within a Work/Profession. You have to find a profession which matches your talent and aptitude. If there are aspects within the work that don’t agree with your growing conscience, that you may have to fight or change the profession.

        This post on Swadharma might answer your question
        and maybe this as well

        Sri Aurobindo once gave advice to a lawyer on how to perform his duties

  7. nizken

    Is there any particular reason why I should not join the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry? I have been thinking about joining the Ashram since it would be the best place to continue the sadhana and do work in an urban-like setting at the same time. I’d really like to know Sandeep’s opinion on this matter since I’ve been really wanting to join the Ashram and devote my life to the Integral Yoga.

    1. Sandeep Post author

      You should visit the Ashram for a couple of weeks, especially in summer, and find out if it suits you.

      Try before you buy 🙂

  8. nizken

    Thank you very much for your responses Sandeep and Mark W. I am indeed planning to visit the Ashram next week and explore the place with the help of the Bureau Central. I will hopefully be able to meet some people there who may help me.

    I have been an auroconf member (mostly passive) for more than a decade. Is the website still working? I see that the last reply by Constance was like 4 months ago there.

    Sandeep and Mark: Do you know of anyone in the Ashram who I could meet and maybe ask questions to. I’m sure a lot of inmates would be busy going about with their work so I may have to contact people beforehand. I only know of one guy who lives in Auroville right now.

  9. Mark W

    Yes, is up and running. But very little if any interaction is happening there. I think mostly direct contacts (behind) may be going on there now. And I have no contacts at Auroville. You will be met there, I imagine, by many kinds of people like yourself. Sounds like an exciting adventure.

  10. nizken

    Thank you so much people. You have really helped me a lot on this journey and in the journey to the Ashram next week. Mark I got into contact with Constance

  11. nizken

    Thanks Mike! I arrived at the SA Ashram today and went to the Samadhi. It was a great experience and an adventure. I will try to be there everyday in the mornings and evenings, if anyone wants to meet it will be nice


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