The occult spirits which influence our actions

The universe is larger than the physical world as explained in the section on Cosmology.  There are many occult worlds peopled by conscious beings which exert an influence on earth and man.  There is some element of truth in the fairy tales of yore which talk of elfins, genii, fairies and Titans.  The majority of men are ignorant puppets in the hands of these forces and it only when the Yogin has progressed to a stage where his/her subliminal consciousness has opened to a greater cosmic consciousness that he/she begins to directly perceive the influence of these occult forces.   One may find oneself  succumbing to sudden depressions, violent outbursts and other dreadful thought formations which are the handiwork of these beings of various occult worlds.    This post covers the characteristics of some of these nefarious activities against which one must guard.

In this passage, Satprem relates the manner in which these adverse forces cloud our consciousness.

They are highly conscious forces whose sole aim, apparently, is to discourage the (spiritual) seeker and divert him from the path he has chosen. The first sign of their presence is easily perceptible: joy is clouded, consciousness is clouded, everything becomes shrouded in an atmosphere of melodrama and gloom. Personal distress is a sure sign of the enemy’s presence. Melodrama is a favorite haunt of these forces; that is how they are able to create the greatest havoc, because they play with a very old teammate within us, who cannot help loving melodrama even as he cries out for relief. First, they generally make a point of forcing us into sudden, extreme, and irrevocable decisions in order to take us as far away as possible from our path–a pressing, exacting vibration that demands immediate compliance; or else, they take apart, with remarkable skill, the whole system of our quest to prove that we are deluding ourselves and that our efforts will come to nothing; more often, they bring about a state of depression, playing with another well-known teammate within us whom Sri Aurobindo calls the man of sorrows: a fellow . . . covering himself with a sevenfold overcoat of tragedy and gloom, and he would not feel his existence justified if he couldn’t be colossally miserable [1, p 65]

This is an excerpt from Sri Aurobindo’s epic poem Savitri, where he details the variety of beings which exist out there

A trepidant and motley multitude,
A strange pell-mell of magic artisans,
Was seen moulding the plastic clay of life,
An elfin brood, an elemental kind.
Astonished by the unaccustomed glow,
As if immanent in the shadows started up
Imps with wry limbs and carved beast visages,
Sprite-prompters goblin-wizened or faery-small,
And genii fairer but unsouled and poor
And fallen beings, their heavenly portion lost,
And errant divinities trapped in Time’s dust.
Ignorant and dangerous wills but armed with power,
Half-animal, half-god their mood, their shape.

Sri Aurobindo, Savitri – I: The Godheads of the Little Life

Picture by iwatebuddy via flickr creative commons. Click for source

Here, the Mother Mira Alfassa , using her occult insight, gives a more graphic illustration of the immense power these beings wield and the formations they put out to gain control over the unsuspecting and unwashed masses.

In this swarming mass, I noticed the presence of some slightly more conscious wills – wills of the vital plane – and I saw how they try to awaken a reaction in the consciousness of human beings to make them think or want, or if possible, do certain things.

For example, I saw one of them trying to incite anger in someone so that this person would deliver a blow – a spiritual blow. And this formation had a dagger in his hand (a vital dagger, you see, it was a vital being: gray and slimy, horrible), he was holding a very sharp dagger which he was flaunting, saying, ‘When a person has done something like that (pretending that someone had done an unforgivable thing), this is what he deserves …’ and the scenario was complete: the being rushed forward, vitally, with his dagger.

And it is ALWAYS like that! They are always pestered by HORDES of little formations that are absolutely swarming and disgusting, each one making its … nasty little suggestion. Take these movements of anger, for example, when someone is carried away by his passion and does things which, in his normal state, he would never do: he is not doing it, it is done by these little formations which are there, swarming in the atmosphere, just waiting for an occasion … to rush in.

And yet people CONSTANTLY live in that atmosphere! They live in it. Only when they rise above are they NOT in it. Or else there are those who are entirely below; but those are the toys of these things, and their reactions are sometimes not only unexpected but absolutely dreadful – because they are puppets in the hands of these things.

Those who rise above, who enter into a slightly intellectual region, can see all this from above; they can look down at it all, keep their heads above and breathe; but those who live in this realm …

If you are annoyed, for example, if someone says something unpleasant to you and you react … It always happens in the same way; these little entities are there waiting, and when they feel it’s the right moment, they introduce their influence and their suggestions. This is what is vitally symbolized by the being with his dagger rushing forward to stab you – and in the back, at that! Not even face to face! This then expresses itself in the human consciousness by a movement of anger or rage or indignation: ‘How intolerable! How … !‘ And the other fellow says, ‘Yes! We shall put an end to it!’

The Mother, Mother’s Agenda: March 10, 1959

Sri Aurobindo outlines how weak human beings (i.e. soulless minds) fall prey to the action of what he calls the “crooked fashioners“.

Wherever are soulless minds and guideless lives
And in a small body self is all that counts,
Wherever love and light and largeness lack,
These crooked fashioners take up their task.
To all half-conscious worlds they extend their reign.
Here too these godlings drive our human hearts,
Our nature’s twilight is their lurking-place:
Here too the darkened primitive heart obeys
The veiled suggestions of a hidden Mind
That dogs our knowledge with misleading light
And stands between us and the Truth that saves.
It speaks to us with the voices of the Night:
Our darkened lives to greater darkness move;
Our seekings listen to calamitous hopes.
A structure of unseeing thoughts is built
And reason used by an irrational Force.
This earth is not alone our teacher and nurse;
The powers of all the worlds have entrance here.
In their own fields they follow the wheel of law
And cherish the safety of a settled type;
On earth out of their changeless orbit thrown
Their law is kept, lost their fixed form of things. 

Sri Aurobindo, Savitri – I: The Godheads of the Little Life

How to deal with adverse forces

The first method for dealing with these forces is constant consecration to the Guru for only a greater being who has established a benevolent presence in the occult worlds can protect and guide the semi-conscious neophyte safely through them.   A good Mantra can be chanted to shield oneself from adverse forces.   In the following passage, Satprem explicates on the merits of complete inner stillness (the state of a Witness) to dissolve the harmful vibrations.

The method for dealing with these adverse forces is the same as for the other vibrations: silence, inner stillness that lets the storm blow over. We may not succeed the first time in dissolving these attacks, but more and more they will seem to take place on the surface of our being; we may be shaken, upset, yet deep down we will feel the “Witness” in us, unscathed and unaffected–he is never affected. We fall and get back up again, each time becoming stronger. The only sin is discouragement.  In practice, the seeker of the integral yoga will be far more exposed than others (Sri Aurobindo often said his yoga was a battle), because he seeks to embrace everything in his consciousness, without rejecting anything, and because there is not just one passage to open up to the bliss above, not just one guardian of the treasure to subdue, but many passages, to the right and the left and below, at every level of our being, and more than one treasure to discover. [1, p 68]


  1. Satprem.  Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness.  (2nd edition 2000)

41 thoughts on “The occult spirits which influence our actions

  1. chinmoy

    In this article u have mentioned of occult spirits who have negative practices.Are there other type of spirits who help a person in case of emergencies or in spiritual ascension??

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  7. mike

    Personally, l feel like l’m in on a spiritual battlefield everyday lol. lf it wasn’t for the Supreme Grace l would have gone under years ago.
    One thing that nobody seems to mention is the work of alcohol in all this. l’m pretty sure that throughout the ages a lot of conflicts – wars even – have been caused by the influence of drink. lf we look back in history, we can be sure that most of the so-called warriors were drunk most of the time [l can’t prove it but l can well believe it]. Even today, the police admit that most violent crime is drink-related. And, what does alchohol [amoung many other drugs, in present society, of course] do. lt weakens the judgement and flings opens the gates to these marauding entities. Under their influence ppl are even more easily manipulated than usual.
    l think, apart from the entities The Mother mentions there are plenty of earth-bound humans causing all sorts of havoc down here. Going back to alchoholics again. Apparently, when one of these people passes over they still hang around certain drinking establishments and feed of or influence other drunks. lt seems they will even possess those of like vibration, when the other one passes out for instance.
    Obviously, there have to be the good guys too. l think were only talking about the lower realms here. Although, even the god’s have their own agenda’s, l suppose [at least amoung the Lesser god’s].

    1. Sandeep Post author

      Fortunately, I have had an inborn aversion to alcohol. It was difficult for me to understand why people want to lose consciousness. Its probably because they want to recover from moods of melancholia and depression, but taking alcohol is not the solution; resorting to alcohol inevitably starts a descending spiral.

      What fuels alcoholism, especially in the West, is the way it has been attractively packaged. Its projected as a way of having a good time with friends (social drinking). In India until recently, the bars used to be seedy places where unsavory characters would hang out, but now that is also changing.

      1. Sandeep Post author

        I have wondered about that too 🙂
        I assumed it was some keyboard or eyesight-related idiosyncrasy
        Lets see what Mike has to say.

    2. Koushik

      Hi Mike, not to prove you wrong but I thought I should share my experience. I have been drunk a lot many times. Little to very heavy, slow to rapid drinking, everything I did. But, I never ever misbehaved with anyone consciously or unconsciously. So, I think if you develop the control from within and you have a clear cut thing that I will not do this, then your will will help you irrespective. People often neglect good things that happen bcos they are intoxicated. Alchohol helps socialise big time and open up yourself. Many problems are bcos we do not open up and alchohol helps in that regard. So, what I feel is there is nothing so called good nor bad. Everything has some good and some bad associated with it. So do not generalise. By the way, I have stopped drinking to pursue spiritual path and to keep myself healthy so that you do not think I am biased.

    3. Sébastien

      Mike, I completely agree with you! I consider alcohol, myself, to be the devil’s poison, because of the heinous affects it has on people. I, too, was born with a natural aversion to the substance, but I’ve had my experimentation with it, and I’ve seen what it can do to me, and I detest it. It is a spiritual suppressant, in my mind, and it can bring out the devil in practically anyone!

  8. mike

    Yes, sandeep, l never had any real need for it either, or smoking.

    “Its probably because they want to recover from moods of melancholia and depression, but taking alcohol is not the solution; resorting to alcohol inevitably starts a descending spiral.”
    Ridiculous really, since alchohol is actually a depressant.
    The supermarkets in the uk have huge boxes of cheap alchohol at every entrance. Because of the recession, pubs are closing every day and ppl are hoarding this cheap stuff to drink indoors. The government [for the moment] are trying to ban supermarkets from selling it, because certain ppl are wandering around the streets fighting etc. lt’s madness and definitely not safe to venture out at night.

  9. Ron

    I often wonder why these entities or dis-embodied spirits are allowed to have a free reign per say?
    It must be all a part of the grand design in that they operate within The Laws that are set.
    One conclusion is that they are allowed as part of the testing and trials we must overcome here.

    1. Sandeep Post author

      Yes, it is part of the grand design. There was one integral Divine Consciousness which put on a mask of nescience and dispersed all its aspects and attributes giving them the free play to materialize and perpetuate themselves in action. This is called Maya and its final result is the material world we see in front of us with all its phenomenal opposites. When an entity opposes our intent, we see it as evil but if we were to recover our complete consciousness, these baffling oppositions would reconcile themselves before our inner vision.

      Have you read Sri Aurobindo’s book The Life Divine? There are several chapters such as
      (Book 2, I. IV) The Divine and the Undivine
      (Book 2, I. XIV) The Origin and Remedy of Falsehood, Error, Wrong and Evil
      (Book 2, I. XXI) The Order of the Worlds
      where he discusses the reason for their existence. You can get a PDF of the book at the Ashram website

      Here is one passage where he discusses the problem:

      “For we find what we call false, dark or evil seems there to have a truth of its own and to be entirely content with its own type because it possesses that in a full expression which creates in it a sense of a satisfied power of its own being, an accord, a complete adaptation of all its circumstances to its principle of existence; it enjoys there its own consciousness, its own self-power, its own delight of being, obnoxious to our minds but to itself full of the joy of satisfied desire. Those life impulses which are to earth-nature inordinate and out of measure and appear here as perverse and abnormal, find in their own province of being an independent fulfilment and an unrestricted play of their type and principle. What is to us divine or titanic, Rakshasic, demoniac and therefore supernatural, is, each in its own domain, normal to itself and gives to the beings that embody these things the feeling of self-nature and the harmony of their own principle. Discord itself, struggle, incapacity, suffering enter into a certain kind of life-satisfaction which would feel itself baulked or deficient without them. When these powers are seen in their isolated working, building their own life-edifices, as they do in those secret worlds where they dominate, we perceive more clearly their origin and reason of existence and the reason also for the hold they have on human life and the attachment of man to his own imperfections, to his life-drama of victory and failure, happiness and suffering, laughter and tears, sin and virtue. Here on earth these things exist in an unsatisfied and therefore unsatisfactory and obscure state of struggle and mixture, but there reveal their secret and their motive of being because they are there established in their native power and full form of nature in their own world and their own exclusive atmosphere. Man’s heavens and hells or worlds of light and worlds of darkness, however imaginative in their building, proceed from a perception of these powers existing in their own principle and throwing their influences on him in life from a beyond-life which provides the elements of his evolutionary existence.”

      Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine – II: The Order of the Worlds

  10. mike

    There is also the problem that these lower types can shape shift into just about anything they like. It’s even been said they can take the shape of Sri Aurobindo and The mother. A lot of discrimination is required or just the remembrance the Guru.

    It’s all a necessary test l suppose.

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  12. mike

    “Forgive me mike, but I am curious.
    Why do you use an ‘L’ as an upper-case ‘I’?”
    lan, l suppose your referring to the phrase at the end of my post “[at least amoung the Lesser god’s]” because it’s the only place it occurs.
    l think it might be just aesthetics, because ‘L’ looks better than ‘l’ to me lol [or LOL]. Possibly because l left the ‘caps’ button on.
    l believe l’ve seen it written that way and l was imitating ‘Lesser God’s’ from memory. l don’t know why either, other than it’s written that way in my head, and in the books where l’ve seen it 🙂
    l think a lot depends on our educational background, as well – where we are brought up and in which culture etc.

    1. Ian James

      I’m sorry mike, I haven’t made myself clear, I’m not referring to “Lesser god’s”.
      In your post above, the last sentence begins: “l think a lot…”.
      If I copy those characters directly from this page and paste them into a hex-editor, both the first character and the 11th character (including spaces) are represented by the same code [6C] (a lower-case ‘el’ – 12th letter of the alphabet). This proves that you either have a fortuitously faulty keyboard or you are pressing the same key on your keyboard to produce these two ‘different’ characters.
      It’s really not important and I’m way off topic, I was simply curious. 🙂

      1. Sandeep Post author

        now, thats funny!

        The use of lower-case “L” instead of “I” can be seen in plenty of other comments.
        Over here, it is: “l think it depends on the shade of the color. The lighter the better l think. ”
        and over here “One thing l didn’t realise is that the Psychic”

  13. mike

    Just goes to show how much we are influenced by external stimuli, l suppose. So much for ‘free will’ lol.

  14. mike

    lan, l think l understand what your getting at. l believe l’m pressing the same key [the L key] instead of pressing the [ i ] key. Perhaps there is some graphological reason why l use a lower-case [ L ] instead of an [ i ] – l might be just lazy or perhaps l feel more connected that way lol.

  15. faru

    Finally, someone said something I wanted to hear. I respect the great words of those masters mentioning about the existence of beings other than ourselves. I am a Muslim theologian and a practitioner of neikung.
    In our texts we are to study about the existence of certain beings called the ‘jinn’. You would have heard about a genie, which actually is a word which originated from the word jinn, but has charecteristics of those creatures mentioned by master aurobindo.
    I have always theorized that if the jinn, as we know in the texts belongs to another dimension which is parallel to ours, then a master of yoga or neikung who can tap themselves into the world of energy, could see or feel the existence of these beings. I have spoken personally to many masters of internal arts, just to find that they think I am just fooling around. I am at so much surprise and wish I had found this post earlier.
    The jinn, or the beings mentioned above by the masters are real as we are. The charecteristis of these beings are much more than just hurting people, they have a world and habitat of their own. Most people find it difficult to believe that their bodies contain huge reservoirs of pure energy derived from the Supreme Spirit, so its natural they dont accept extra dimensional beings able to influence humans. These creatures have always been there, in all the cultures, but in different names.
    This post has aided greatly in my research.
    Thank you

    1. Sandeep Post author


      Yes, I have heard that jinns are mentioned in the Koran. Its good to know you practice neikung . Someone else had mentioned a Chinese mystical practice in another comment on this blog. There is probably some Buddhist influence on the Chinese meditation practices. Several centuries ago, Buddhist monks had traveled to China and Chinese travelers like Faxian and Hsüan-tsang had visited India.

      Through our mystical practices, we have to re-experience the truths asserted by past Masters in their scriptures, otherwise it all degenerates into religious dogma.

  16. sujit

    please tell me how to get rid of black magic .any processes or techniques given by mother and sri aurobindo thanks

    1. Sandeep Post author

      Mother and Sri Aurobindo had their own methods of countering black magic. There are no ready-made formulas which I am aware of.

  17. S

    As told to me by someone :
    good and evil r not opposites of each other … they r essentially 2 sides of the same coin.
    The Creator with His own will created good and evil. Each creature or entity has its own role to play and has his own “dharma” in God’s “play” (Leela). Just the way u cannot blame a mosquito for biting u (its the creature’s “dharma” to bite n suck blood for its nourishment), u cannot blame evil entities for doing wot they do. Because it is their “dharma” as willed by the Creator Himself.
    the idea is not to avoid evil and/or to look for a place of refuge or something, but to simply overcome evil such that it cannot harm or disturb u even if it is all around u.

    my opinion : okie, maybe, but easier said than done …

  18. Ratul Ray

    The point is: when someone is claiming that she can perceive of such occult spirits, how do you know whether she is suffering from some neurological disorder or whether she has got enhanced capacity of sensors (or consciousness)?

    1. Sandeep Post author

      In the majority of cases, the person may be suffering from delusions rather than a neurological disorder.

      One has to ask the person for proof of something specific (not generic) which may happen in the future based on the claims they are making. If the claims are proven a few times, then maybe the person is actually seeing something you don’t see.

  19. Pete

    I am frequently in discussion with some Christians who believe that yoga and silencing the mind opens the door to demonic attacks and even possession . I try to point out that St John of the Cross says just the opposite, that demons have nothing to work with when the mind is silent (or St John would say hidden and secret). The real thing to look out for are our passions and anger, fear, depression, all the things in the realm of the Vital not the higher psychic. What do you think?

  20. Pete

    What concerns me more is what seems to be demonic influence at the national level. Here in the United States mass shootings seem to be epidemic.

    1. Sandeep Post author

      Don’t have enough occult insight to determine if the mass shootings are a man-made disaster or something more occult.

  21. john

    […deleted stuff…] But, as sandeep says a high occult knowledge is needed to discern what’s actually behind these acts of violence [although, the Mother has spoken a lot about asuric sources behind most religion]. When it’s a *** shooter it’s quite often found that the individual has been prescribed strong psychotropic drugs.

    Sandeep, if you think this is too sensitive, please delete it.

    1. Sandeep Post author

      yes, I decided to edit some stuff out. I would prefer not to moderate but I would have to preserve decorum as well 🙂


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